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High fives, good times, and great beer.

Events at Optimist

Looking for an awesome venue to host your next event? You’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event or holiday party, we’ll work alongside you to throw a shindig your guests won’t forget! With a cool atmosphere, great beer, full menu and trained staff, our team will tailor your event to suit all of your needs.


For more information or to book, contact us at 705-222-4827

Zig when everyone else zags.

Our Brews

Sample in-house brews that are exclusively served at Optimist Brewery + Kitchen


  • Lager
    • Sunshine Pilsner Blonde Lager 4% - light, crisp, with a hint of melon

      This Sunshine Pilsner is like your best bro from college, always down to hang, whether it’s for a day drink or pub crawl. Light and easy going, he’s like the liquid version of the Cheers theme song.

      Enjoy this Optimist blonde lager any day of the week, no matter what life throws your way.

    • Shift Jet black lager 4% - not roasty or rich, but refreshing with notes of candied orange

      Say hello to Shift Black Lager! The dark beer for folks who don’t like dark beer!

      This brew is like your buddy who loves a challenge, always encouraging you to look at life from a different perspective. His current goal? To Shift your idea of dark beer, because at the end of the day, this is a normal lager… just dark in colour. There’s not many of it’s kind in Northern Ontario, so get’em while they’re cold!

  • Belgian Wit
    • Rose Coloured Glasses Belgian Wit 4.5% - pink Belgian wheat with hawberries, hibiscus, lemon and cardamom

      After a long ass day, life looks better through Rose Coloured Glasses. Don’t let his pink hues throw you off, this Belgian beau is handsome, but doesn’t take sh*t from anyone.

      He’s the guy you get together with to reminisce about old times, the memories you look back on and say, "that was nice" or "I’m glad that’s over". Cheers to finally having your sh*t together… most of the time.

  • IPA
    • Strive American IPA 6% - hazy gold with huge aromas of peach, white grape, and tangerine

      They said it couldn’t be done, but tomorrow is another day (win or lose)! Introducing Strive, our American IPA! This beer is the mountain climbing, sky-diving, yoga mastering, marathon runner we all know and Strive to be like….even just a little. She’s strong, confident and always up for an epic adventure. Don’t let her strength fool you, she’s not cut throat but her ‘go get’em’ attitude is not to be messed with.

    • Challenge Amber Ale 5% - Burnt sienna with a toasty aroma, this beer is easy drinking with light hints of fig, banana and butterscotch

      This beer is the bookworm of the group. Everyone's good friend that you can find in a cozy corner of the local coffee shop, sitting by the fire drinking a caramel macchiato. That special someone that's there to listen and never judge to quick, he is sweet and gentle with a warm hug to make your day better.

  • Porter
    • Knee Deep Baltic Porter 10% - Black with ruby undertones, full bodied, vinous with flavours dark rich fruits & molasses. The fortified wine of beers.

      This beer is THAT Aunt, you know, the one that always comes for a holiday visit with an open bottle of red in hand and advice nobody asked for. Full of stories to keep the entire family laughing, and memories to last a lifetime.

Just try it once.

Cocktail Menu

We incorporate Crosscut Distillery’s handcrafted spirits in our craft concoctions. Not only is supporting local important for us and our community, but we love how Crosscut infuses a little bit of Northern Ontario into every bottle of their damn good Gin and Vodka.

Crosscut Martini 3oz $11
Bramble 2oz $8
Negroni 3oz $11
El Diablo 2oz $9
Manhattan 3oz $11
Optimist G&T 1oz $8
Classic Old Fashioned 2oz $10
Seize the Caesar 1.5oz $8 - Upgrade to Crosscut Peppered Bacon Vodka +$2

Open your mind.

Why? Why not!

Optimist Brewery + Kitchen inspires people to bring positive change to their thinking. We don’t want to fill shelves, we want to fill glasses. So get together, tell us something good, and come on over, we’re having a party.

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    We understand life gets busy, that’s why we’ve made it easy for you to grab all your Optimist favourites on the fly. Our O+Market is stocked up on everything you need for a weekend at camp or an evening with friends. Grab a six pack, a growler and our house-made chickpeas, granola bars, and popcorn.

    Stop by the O+Market to check out our wide variety of grab-and-go options!

Are you in?

To find out more about holding an event, media questions, or joining our optimist team, get in touch with our Head Optimist.



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